GATE 2017: Step-by-Step Procedure to Challenge the answer keys @

By | March 3, 2017

Procedure to Challenge the GATE 2017 answer keys: In the GOAPS, a module to contest answer keys will be available from today (3 March 2017) till 10:00 hours (IST) of 6 March 2017. A candidate can challenge the answer key of any question after giving their justification(s) and payment of Rs. 500 (for each question) through the online payment portal available in the GOAPS. For candidates who have appeared in GATE 2017 from outside India, the fee for each answer key challenge is US$10.

06-03-2017 at 11.00 Am: Answer key challenge option is closed now

While challenging the answer keys the candidates should ensure that they quote the proper question number as per the PDF file of the question paper given here. Please remember that if the proper question number is not correctly identified then the challenge may not be considered.

Payments for a successful challenge will be refunded. For all challenges on answer keys, the decision of the GATE 2017 committee shall be final and binding. No correspondence or telephone calls on this matter will be entertained.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Challenge the GATE 2017 answer keys @

1. Candidates can challenge the answer keys @

2. Login by Enter Enrollment ID sent during registration or Email Address used during registration and Password.

3. I have read and understood the procedure outlined on GATE 2017 Website about how to contest questions of GATE 2017, Accept the declaration.

gate 2017 Challenge the answer keys

4. Click on the “Content Answer Key

5. Note: Applicant must pay ₹ 500 to contest/challenge each question.

Applicant must write explanation (max 500 characters) in a Question explanation box. You can upload PDF file for the question to the size limit of 300 KB. Please note that in case of unsuccessful contest, the fee is non-refundable.

Contest the Published Answer Key/Value:

Question Number: Note: The question number in the drop-down menu given above corresponds to the PDF file of the question paper posted on GATE 2017 website. Please see the GATE website page which has all the question papers and answer keys for full explanation. In the text box below, clearly mention the section that the question belongs to. Most papers have just two sections: the Main Paper and the GA (General Aptitude). For papers GG, XE and XL, there are Compulsory Section, Optional Sections followed by GA. It is important to mention the exact section along with the question number in the text box below.

Question Explanation: Note: Type here, in text format, your logic and arguments on why you are disputing the question or the answer key to the question. OR You may upload a handwritten or typed document at the link given below. Do not forget to mention the question number and the section.

Upload Supporting Document: PDF format

Contest the Published Answer Key

Results for GATE 2017 shall be declared on March 27, 2017.

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